A few years ago I started a big project called “il taccuino rosso”. Actually, it’s still out there and running. It was the ambitious attempt to bring some of my work and the pictures I took around the world to a wider audience. All the work has been done over the span of several years. The idea was to share some of my experiences with friends all over the globe.

The project did take off eventually but everything was written and shown in German and Italian, ’cause Italy and Germany were the places I was based back then. “Il taccuino rosso”, named after my precious red notebook, faithful companion and essential tool, gave me a lot of joy and I would consider it one of the most inspirational things I have done in my life. For a long time it functioned as diary, chronicle, documentary platform and showroom of my work… and it still does.

So obviously the language has always been a severe manco, and unfortunately not the only one! One more thing has always been missing on “il taccuino rosso”: a collection of the black and white photographs I took over the years, all around the world. The Art of Black and White has always been part of my work, part of me, since my father gave me my first camera. So, following and, yes, copying the style of my great masters “the Magnum photographers”, I just wanted to dedicate to those pictures a suitable place, in order for them to be shown and to get seen. Because the only reason for a picture to be taken is to be given away afterwards, as a bygone souvenir of time.

So here it is, my beloved collection of black and white images. Enjoy.

If you are now interested in what “il taccuino rosso” is all about – despite the language – just feel free to drop by!